Our beers

Aqueduct Ale: Our flagship brew. Aqueduct Ale has a balanced mixture of earthy, herbal, woody and flowery. It holds its flavor to the last sip. 5.5%. Currently on tap at the Ossining Elks Lodge and at Terra Rustica in Briarcliff. 7.4%.

Rocket Fuel: This stout looks dark, but it doesn't drink as such. A slightly bitter brew, with notes of chocolate, coffee and anise. Named for Scott's dog. 5.8%.

Soulshine: It has orange and peach overtones and grapefruit undertones. It was conceived, created, and developed and brewed in collaboration with the Soulshine Band 6.2%. It was on tap at The Tarrytown Music Hall and was spotlighted at the Soulshine show there on November 24, 2021. Currently it is on tap at Garcia's in Port Chester (in conjunction with the Soulshine shows there) and at the Ossining Elk's Lodge.

9A IPA : A hop-forward hazy NE/NY IPA (NY attitude w/o the NE accent) has a complex flavor profile of flowers and fruit, including: citrus, pineapple, grapefruit, mango and pine. 7.4%.

Dyrksyde ½ DIPA: An IPA that didn’t quite achieve double greatness, but has a nice balance of Willamette, Centennial and Cascade hops (pine, citrus and grapefruit) and dry hopped with Citra to give a variety of tropical fruit aromas. 5.0%

First Draft series

 (our first pass at these brews, hoping to get them in the regular rotation)

Triumph of the Warrior: a light ale with strong hints of grapefruit, pineapple and orange. Portions of the sales of this beer will go to LLS. Cancer survivors are known as Warriors. The hops in the beer were specifically chosen with this in mind. 4.2%

Currently on tap at Burke's Pub and Restaurant in Yonkers.

MRB (Mike Risko Beer): Southern Cross hops from New Zealand (lemon zest, pine needle), Calypso hops from the Pacific Northwest (apple, pear, and citrus), Cascades hops from New York (grapefruit, pine), and Wyeast 1318 London III Ale yeast combine for an amazing brew. This was brewed in collaboration with the staff at Mike Risko Music in Ossining. This IPA has a composition with several movements. The bass line of pear, pine, and lemon blends in harmony with the overdubs of grapefruit. Drink your trebles way with MRB!

Currently on tap at Park Restaurant.