What is 6 Degrees of Separation?

"Six Degrees of Separation" is a theory going back to 1929. Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian author, wrote a series of papers and the concept of "Chains" was included in it. He theorized that everyone in the world is separated by a series of 6 introductions. A few years ago Facebook claimed to have researched this and they've changed this to 4.3 Degrees. I'm not about to change the logo.

Other areas where 6 (degrees) appears:

- 6 degrees of freedom in sailing

- The Leaning Tower of Pisa was leaning at 5.9 degrees (rounds to 6) before it was "fixed"

- there are 6 steps (degrees of brewing)

- every snowflake has 6 points

- beer should be served at 6 degrees above freezing (38 degrees)

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